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Sponsor a Puppy today.

Introducing two of our youngest puppies, Patrick and Pilot!

Patrick and Pilot are looking for sponsors to support them on their journeys towards becoming Assistance Dogs. Will you join them?

Learn more about these brothers below! Each of our incredible puppies will work towards being matched to a Kiwi living with a disability and trained for their individual needs. They rely on the generosity of people like you to become Assistance Dogs.

It costs just $5 a week, or $20 a month  to sponsor a puppy

- thank you.

Here's what you can expect over the next 18-24 months as you follow your chosen puppy: 

Choose A Puppy

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Patrick was born on 12th September 2023.


He's such a sweet boy who is having a wholesome, rural upbringing with his puppy raisers in Canterbury.


As a little puppy, Patrick was quieter than his siblings, but his confident and playful side has really come out in the last few months! Patrick is a star with all types of people (big and small) and we know he'll make someone very happy one day.


Patrick would love you to sponsor him and follow his journey towards becoming an Assistance Dog. 




Pilot was also born on 12th September 2023 (he's Patrick's brother)!


He's a clever puppy who is always focused on people and has proven to be quite the confident lad.


Since Pilot was a little puppy, he's been cool, calm, and collected in a range of environments, including cafes, the supermarket, and the gym (very important for his future career)!


Pilot has the potential to become a fantastic Assistance Dog, but he needs your help to get there. 

Choose one of these adorable puppies and follow their journey right through until they graduate as an Assistance Dog. Once registered, you will receive a welcome pack in the mail and updates from your puppy via email every 4 months. When your puppy graduates, you can choose another puppy-in-training to follow!


Depending on when you sign up, your puppy may be a little older and already embarking on their incredible journey. Every donation you make will make a world of difference to each of their training and development sessions for the next 18-24 months. Thank you!

Monthly Sponsorship

Monthly Sponsorship.

For just $20 a month, you can Sponsor a Puppy to help New Zealanders like Natalie, who are living with a disability - thank you.

Natalie and other kids like her with epilepsy and autism struggle to navigate the world, with impulses that can lead them into dangerous situations. Transform the life of a New Zealander like Natalie by becoming a puppy sponsor today.

It costs $75,000 to train and place an Assistance Dog over it’s working lifetime.


There are over 40 families on the waitlist for an Assistance Dog. With the help of Puppy Sponsors like you, together we aim to reduce the wait time and train and match a dog for each and every one of these New Zealanders.


Set up a Bank Account Donation Instead:


If you would prefer to donate directly to our bank account, please fill in the form below to let us know which puppy you would like to sponsor. Then follow the instructions below to complete your sponsorship. Please note, your sponsorship will only begin once your first donation has come through.

Thanks for submitting!

Our Bank Account Details:

To set up an offline donation, please set up an automatic/recurring payment through your online banking app, or by calling your bank.


Alternatively, you can call us on 0800 966 342 (Monday - Thursday between 9:30 am - 4 pm) to organise a direct debit donation.

Here are our bank account details:

Bank: Bank of New Zealand (BNZ)

Branch: Lower Hutt, Wellington

Account Name: Assistance Dogs New Zealand

Account Number: 02-0528-0138534-00

Payment Reference: (The initial of your first name + your surname)

Please remember to also complete the form above so we know which puppy you would like to sponsor. If you need any assistance, you can email us at

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