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Thank you for choosing to sponsor a puppy. For as little as $5 a week, you can help train a dog to enrich the lives of New Zealanders and their family living with a disability. Simply choose your puppy, select a payment method and you’re done! You’ll receive a welcome email with the latest update of your chosen puppy and a pack in the mail with a framed photo and some extra goodies.


Make sure to follow us on Facebook or Instagram for more regular updates too! Our current sponsored puppies were all born in 2019 and are now big pups starting to learn some tricks.

Puppy sponsorship makes a huge difference for children like Lachlan who are desperately waiting for an Assistance Dog. Your support will directly contribute to the development and training costs of our puppies. It costs a massive $75,000 to breed, train, graduate and support an assistance dog and we couldn’t do it without you!

Lachlan has Cerebral Palsy and Autism. He is awkward on his feet, non-verbal and gets very anxious around people. Lady, his assistance dog, joined his family in February 2017 and instantly their lives. Suddenly Lachlan could participate in events that had been too stressful to undertake before. Five days after Lady arrived, they went to the Night Noodle Market on a Sunday afternoon. It was the first outing that they had ever enjoyed as a family. Normally one parent would go on outings with their daughter, whilst the other stayed home with Lachlan.

Lachlan was excluded from playing with his peers in the neighbourhood. He was the “weird kid” in the corner who watched everyone else play at the park etc. Parents used to rush their children past him at the shopping centre in case they ask the “wrong” question. Suddenly, Lady attracted both adults and children to Lachlan. They would ask to pat his dog and ask him questions about Lady. Lachlan went from being the outsider to the centre of attention. With that, his confidence grew over time. 

Now Lachlan will happily go anywhere with his family – in fact helping with the weekly shop is one of his favourite things to do. He has the confidence to engage with both children and adults anywhere they go. At the park, once everyone has had a pat with Lady, he runs off to play with the kids now. For the wider community, they get to engage with a disabled child in a way they never did before and understand more about how to communicate. Disability is less frightening. His family regularly has people come up to them and comment on the changes they see with Lachlan.

Our sweet-natured girl

Full of adventure

An energetic go-getter

A cuddly puppy







Offline Payment



Simply fill in this form to let us know which puppy you would like to sponsor, then follow the instructions below to set up a bank transfer.


In order to make an offline donation, set up an automatic recurring payment via your online banking app or by calling your bank. Alternatively, you can call us on 0800 966 342 between Mon-Thu 9-5

for further assistance setting up your payment. 

Our Account Details for all transactions are as follows:

Bank: Bank of New Zealand (BNZ)

Branch: Lower Hutt, Wellington

Account Name: Assistance Dogs New Zealand

Account Number: 02 0528 0138534 00

Payment Reference: (First name initial and Surname, eg AWilliams)

GST Number: 101153568

Charity: CC32920

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