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We assess each applicant, match them to a suitable dog and train the team and their family to work effectively together.

Regular support and follow up is provided to each working team to ensure they continue working well together.  

This ongoing role is a vital part of our service and supports the teams throughout their working life.

A thorough interview and assessment is conducted for each applicant. This allows ADNZT staff to gain an understanding of the applicant's needs and circumstances, and also provides an opportunity for the applicant and their family to ask questions and gain a better understanding of Assistance Dogs.

It takes approxiamtely 6 months to train each dog, although the time may vary depending on the progress of each dog and the tasks required for the applicant. During the training process ADNZT staff are gaining a better understanding of the dog's temperament and begin looking for a suitable team match. The core training is then expanded to include tasks specifically required for that potential team.

The process of team matching involves consideration of the dogs unique characteristics and requirements, with the clients needs, preferences, lifestyle and living environment.



Once placed with the client, we train the team and family to work effectively together. This phase of training takes 2-8 weeks, depending on the individual progress of the team

Regular support and follow-up is provided to each working team to ensure they keep working well together. Over time, many trained behaviours can breakdown and other inappropriate behaviours or bad habits can surface resulting in a breakdown of the working teams' skills, respect and relationship. Therefore ongoing support is critical to support the team throughout their working life.

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