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My decision to bequeath to Assistance Dogs New Zealand Trust is based on my love of dogs throughout my life. Through childhood and adulthood, my dogs have given me protection and unconditional love. Assistance Dogs will provide the same and be an asset to those who need their help

- Wendy Galbraith 

Enriching Lives Through Giving

As you put together your final arrangements for a time when you are no longer here, we would like to thank you for considering us in the planning of your estate.


By remembering Assistance Dogs New Zealand Trust (ADNZT), you will have the opportunity to give the ultimate gift of a life-time, and your generosity will directly help to transform the lives of adults and children affected by disabilities in the years to come.

ADNZT relies on the generosity of donors like you to operate. We are a small organisation working hard to make every dollar count for those that need our service most. Leaving a gift in your Will ensures future generations will have access to these life-changing animals, giving children, families and adults living with disabilities much-needed independence, support and access to incredible new opportunities in life.

We would be proud to honour your legacy through the placement of tailor-trained Assistance Dogs with clients throughout Aotearoa. 

Ways of Giving:

There are a number of ways you can consider making a gift in your Will to Assistance Dogs New Zealand Trust – for example:

  • A fixed percentage of your estate,

  • A specific sum of money,

  • Your entire estate or the residue of your estate after distributions to other beneficiaries,

  • A specific gift of value e.g. shares, property or paintings,

  • Alternatively, you may wish to establish a charitable trust or life insurance policy, naming Assistance Dogs New Zealand Trust as your chosen beneficiary.

We are often asked by potential bequestors for the full cost to produce one Assistance Dog for a client with a disability. It costs $75,000 to breed and train one Assistance Dog, then match and train this dog with the client and their specific disability. This includes regular follow-up visits as well as on-going training for the working life of each dog, which averages around ten years.

There are two ways ADNZT may choose to use your gift, or you may decide to pick the option that best suits your intentions:


  • In some cases we will use funds for annual operational or project costs, ensuring the current dogs on our programme receive the vital training and support they need to succeed.

  • Alternatively, for larger gifts, or where stipulated, you may choose to contribute to our newly established sustainability fund. This is a separate fund (established in 2022 from the estate of an esteemed donor) which we intend to grow over the years to provide much-needed future-proofing for the organisation. In the short-term, interest will be reinvested until it can grow to sustain a portion of our programme. In the long-term, we hope to alleviate our reliance on often constricting grant funding and cash-dependent fundraising methods, and instead use the fund for specific projects and long-term operational costs.

Our goal for both the sustainability fund and annual operational costs will always be to increase the number of dogs we can graduate to meet the growing need for our service in New Zealand, through an increase in hands-on training/client service roles and resourcing.

How to make
a gift in your will:

Your solicitor will help you to word your bequest in the best way that ensures your Executors are effectively able to carry out your wishes.

To assist you and your solicitor, we have provided an example of appropriate wording, including our correct legal name, should you wish to make a bequest to Assistance Dogs New Zealand Trust (ADNZT).

“I give to Assistance Dogs New Zealand Trust (Charities Commission No. CC32920), a _____% share, residue or a sum of my estate. The receipt of an authorised officer of Assistance Dogs New Zealand Trust shall be an absolute discharge to my executors”.

If you would like to discuss this further, please contact our Fundraising & Communications Manager, Kendra at 021 428 409 or by email at 

Create a free Will online:

We've partnered with Gathered Here, a trusted online Will provider, to give our supporters access to a free online Will, with unlimited updates for life. 


Creating your Will through Gathered Here is 100% free, and will only take around 10 minutes.

Having an accurate or up-to-date Will is one of the most important things you can do for your loved ones. Not only can a Will reduce financial and emotional stress in the future, but it also allows you to appoint guardians for your children and pets and ensures your assets go where you want them to, so those you love are well looked after.

After providing for loved ones, you can also choose to include a gift to a charity or cause of your choice.

Gifts in Wills make a phenomenal difference to charities. For Assistance Dogs New Zealand Trust, they allow us to continue our work for generations to come, ensuring we can help more disabled New Zealanders and their families gain access to the life-changing support they deserve.

That being said, it's completely your choice whether you leave a gift. Either way, you can still access a free online Will.


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