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Job Vacancy: Puppy Raisers (Volunteer)


Locations: Auckland, Cambridge, Hamilton, Tauranga or Canterbury-based. 

Position type: Volunteer

Start date: Immediately

We're looking for volunteer puppy raisers to help us care for, and socialise our puppies in training. Please apply here.

The Role:

Puppies live with their puppy raiser until they are about 12-18 months of age, then return to Assistance Dogs to be formally trained for a New Zealander with a disability. ADNZT covers the cost of feeding and vet care, and there is a supervisor available throughout to support you.

To become a puppy raiser, you must:

  • Have a fully fenced and secure property

  • Have time to spend socialising and exercising your pup

  • Be available to meet for puppy development training

If you’d like to open your home and heart to a life-changing puppy, we’d love to hear from you.

Apply today, or contact our puppy development team for more information at

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