Kiwis fuelling Kiwis – Families helping families

Welcome to this edition of the Assistance Dog New Zealand Trust Dog Blog! Can you believe it will be Christmas in less than a week! EEK! Christmas is one of those celebrations that seems to come around with ever quickening speed as we get older. The lead up to the big day is a time that most of us put some extra energy into reflecting on our family – whether it be making up beds for extra guests, or sending a card/email to distant relatives.

For some people who don’t have family to share the occasion with, I hope they have some friends that they gather and celebrate with, together. That leads me into some of the thoughts I’ve been having about ADNZ lately. I was lucky enough to be sitting around the table with a couple of ADNZ staff members recently, and we were talking about our point of difference. We are not a corporate. We are not impersonal. We are not owned and dictated to by an overseas head office. Rather, we can be likened to a family of friends with a common interest – the success of Assistance Dogs New Zealand Trust. We take pride in seeing our dogs graduate to live a life assisting someone in need. We delight in seeing those relationships blossom with mutual love and devotion between the dog and their client.

We know we survive at the behest of the many wonderful people and businesses who donate funds to us, and we take pride in the fact that we know something about each and every one of them. As we grow, we are keen to maintain that point of difference and continue to build bonds with those that share our vision. One such business that is a tremendous support to us, with similar family bonds and values is Waitomo Group. We are incredibly grateful for their ongoing support, and at this time of year with travel on the horizon for many people, we wanted to share a little about them. With Fuel Stops all over the North Island, and their first South Island Fuel Stop in central Christchurch opening this afternoon, it would be great if you choose to fill up with them too, as you travel our beautiful country this festive season.

Proud Waitomo driver, Richard Foster, delivering fuel to our Fuel Stop.

In the words of Waitomo Group: Waitomo Mystery Creek Fuel Stop.

‘Our 100-percent Kiwi-owned fuel business was established in Te Kuiti in 1947 by Desmond Ormsby – which is where our name Waitomo originates from.  We’re now one of New Zealand’s largest independent fuel suppliers, with over 65 Fuel Stops, stretching from Paihia in the north, and as far south as Wellington. This summer we’re also opening our first South Island Fuel Stop in Christchurch, and we have plans to open many more in 2020. For a full list of all our retail sites, check out our Fuel Stop Finder here. Third-generation family-owned and operated Waitomo – Grey Ormsby, our kaumatua, with his son Jimmy Ormsby, our Managing Director.

Seventy years on, our third-generation family-owned and operated company is proud to be serving our Kiwi customers with the same formula it always has – great people, top performance and a fairer price for fuel. We have nearly 70 people on our Waitomo team and we’re continuing to grow. Our customers are individuals, service stations, diesel stops, agricultural contractors, roading and civil engineering contractors, forestry crews, workshops, quarries and farms. We’re market disruptors – we offer competition and choice to Kiwis wherever they operate.  Because our Fuel Stops are unmanned, without a retail offering, our overheads are low, and we pass those savings on to our customers with our everyday low Waitomo price. We’re proud to fuel ADNZ Trust in the vital work they do to support people with disabilities.  Our success has been built on the support of Kiwis and we’re committed to giving that support back to the communities where we operate.’

A special bond with ADNZ Trust: The first puppy to be named by Waitomo, was….you guessed it….Waitomo. He was also a guest of honour at the opening of the Mystery Creek Fuel Stop.

When the ‘K’ litter came along, Waitomo named Kowhai. She has recently visited with the people at Waitomo Hamilton Head Office, and was even lucky enough to be there when the  Managing Director, Jimmy Ormsby, was free for a pat or two.

Many thanks to Waitomo Group, and to Rebecca Helem, for helping put this blog together. It’s been interesting to learn more about Waitomo, and it’s history. Remember, if you’re in Christchurch, the newest Waitomo Fuel Stop opens today!! Drop in this afternoon, and fill up! We are lucky enough to have a Waitomo Fuel Stop at the end of our street at Te Kawa, and are regular visitors. It’s on the main highway in between Te Awamutu and Otorohanga so if you stop there to fill up, give me a wave ;-). If you’d like to become one of our valued puppy sponsors or gift that privilege to a loved one for Christmas, check out our puppy sponsorship page.

All that remains to be said this side of Christmas is that all of us here at ADNZ, wish all of you a very safe and happy Christmas, with a spectacular 2020 to look forward to.

Enjoy all the season has to offer! Cheers for now, Lynda