Gratitude from the K litter

Welcome to this weeks edition of the Assistance Dogs New Zealand Trust – The Dog Blog.

Over the past few weeks, in our series ‘Celebrating Graduates’, we’ve met some of the recent graduates and had a peek into their working lives. Last week, in part 3, we got to know a little extra about Taffy, with an insight into his life with Eli, and the world of difference his presence has made.  Not only to Eli, but the whole family.

As we have seen, there is a lot of work that goes into developing and educating the dogs to do the work they undertake. Not to mention the food, and the vet bills! Today, on behalf of all the dogs that have gone before them, a few of the ‘K’ litter would like to say thank you to some of the businesses that sponsor and support ADNZT. If you get a chance to support these businesses, please do so. Without them, we wouldn’t be able to do what we do.

Kowhai was named by one of our wonderful sponsors ‘Waitomo Group’.

Thank you Waitomo Group!

Hills science are the wonderful providers of the food for these growing pups. Needless to say, they are VERY appreciative!

But sometimes, it’s really tiring being cute!!

Another great supporter of ADNZT, who provides all sorts of other puppy bits and pieces is Pet Essentials, Rototuna, Hamilton. If you have any pets (or looking to get some), this is the shop for you!

You can follow the Hamilton shop through their facebook page here, and keep up to date with what’s happening in store. Thank you Pet Essentials!

Lastly, this week, we’d like to say thank you to our very awesome and special vets at Vetora in Te Awamutu. They named Kevin for us.

The ‘K’ litter are now settled into their puppy raising homes, and learning how to be sociable, well adjusted pups. We look forward to seeing them grow up and seeing what they achieve throughout their lives.

Many, many thanks to our sponsors and supporters. You are all very much appreciated.

Have a great week!