for us

Each of our amazing dogs costs $75,000 from conception to retirement and in that time they make the world of difference to our clients living with a disability. We are entirely funded through the generous support of our donors, fundraisers and community, for which we are extremely grateful.

You can get involved and fundraise for ADNZT in a number of ways, here are just a few ideas to spark your imagination:

  • Hold a bake sale at your school or workplace and ask for gold coin donations

  • Take part in your local community fun run and ask friends and family to sponsor you

  • Create your own challenge – skydive, shave your head, give up coffee for a month, draw every day. Share your progress with friends and set up an online fundraising page to start collecting donations!

  • Join one of our fundraising events

  • Host your own event at home, or give us a call for some handy event planning tips and templates

  • If you are part of a business that would like to support us, you could create a special product and donate a % to ADNZT, you could host one of our collection boxes on your counter, or you could hold a fundraising day at work or online.

  • Are you an undercover rising star? Take to the streets busking and fundraise for us – don’t forget to let us know what you’re doing so we can send you a digital fundraising pack! 

Whatever you choose to do, we’re here to support you and we can’t wait to hear your ideas.

Once you have decided how to fundraise for us, here’s what you’ll need to be successful:

  1. Create your online fundraising page and follow the instructions to get started

  2. Email us at kendra@assistancedogstrust.org.nz to let us know what you’re doing. We have collection buckets, posters, stickers and flyers to help make your fundraiser amazing!

  3. Share your progress on your facebook page, email colleagues, tell your teacher, tell your boss…spread the word!! Remember to share your online fundraising page with everyone to ask for their support.

    • Nervous about asking for money? Don’t worry, we know it can be scary and we’re here to help. Our fundraising team has years of experience to help you succeed, just email kendra@assistancedogstrust.org.nz for support.

  4. When you’re done and you’ve smashed your target, (which we know you will), it’s time to bank your money.

    • The easiest way is to take all donations through your fundraising page. If you’ve done that, you’re all done! We have your funds and we’ll be in touch shortly to say a huge thank you.

    • Otherwise, simply make a donation here and tell us in the comments section that you’re a fundraiser.

  5. Celebrate! You just made a massive difference in someone’s life. That’s amazing! We’d love to have you onboard again, subscribe to our newsletter for updates on our street appeals, fundraising events and volunteer opportunities. Or sign up straight away to become a regular fundraising volunteer.