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Each dog is assessed to evaluate its temperament and suitability to become an Assistance Dog and then custom trained for the role it is best suited to. All ADNZT dogs are gentle, tolerant and well trained. Each has its own personality that can be trained and matched with an appropriate client.

These are just two examples of the sort of support an Assistance Dog could provide:

  • Improve fine and gross motor skills

  • Provide safety for the client

During formal training, we rely on volunteer boarders to open their homes and hearts to our Assistance Dogs while they work with ADNZT trainers. These boarders look after our older dogs during their 6-month formal training, where the trainer will pick them up and drop them off during weekdays for training sessions.

We are currently looking for boarding homes in the Auckland suburbs of Papakura, Conifer Grove, Takanini and Karaka.


We cover the cost of feeding and vet care, as well as providing all the support and advice boarders will need.


To become a boarder, you must:

- Have a fully fenced and secure property

- Be over 18 years of age

- Have your own vehicle and not leave the dog home alone for more than 4 hours on its own.


To become a boarder for one of our incredible, life-changing dogs, or if you would like more information, please click below to submit your application of interest and we'll be in touch shortly. 

Thank you. 

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